Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Best Valentine's Ever =)

I had the best Valentine's Day ever! I asked Peter to plan our Valentine's date this year (I usually plan our dates). I asked him to surprise me and boy did he. =) First he surprised me by sending me flowers while I was still in Ateneo for my classes.

Meeting Peter in Makati for our date was a bit inconvenient because the MRT broke down for a while and I had to take a taxi (traffic was light though). So I was a little late meeting Peter. =( When we were already together in Makati, he gave me a Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy. I was surprised by that too because I thought he would buy me a Care Bear or a book (he usually buys me a book), I didn't expect a soft and wonderful Pooh bear. (I introduced my new stuffed toy to my brothers yesterday, JP likes Pooh because he is so soft.)

Before dinner we looked at model condo units in Glorietta. Ayala is opening new condo buildings in Buendia corner Ayala Ave. The studio unit was okay. I didn't like it that much (so small!) but I like the idea of having my own place, decorating my own condo. Hehehe. The one bedroom unit was wonderful! I really loved it because there was so much space, much more than the average condo unit. And there was really a separate area for the kitchen. They must have hired a good architect. I like the unit more than I like the units I saw in Eastwood City. The unit is available for only 17,000 pesos a month! Peter was saying he could actually afford the place. =) I was imagining getting a place like that for myself or someday having a place like that with Peter as newlyweds. Hihi. =)

We had dinner in Tony Roma's! That was a really pleasant surprise. I was so happy!!! =) The last time I ate in Tony Roma's was in Las Vegas. And I haven't been in Las Vegas for 10 years or more! The food was delicious and really filling. =) But they didn't offer good desserts (why don't places like Tony Roma's have good desserts?) so we went to Pazzo for chocolate ice cream. The ice cream was good, really rich. =)

Right when I finished my ice cream there was commotion in Glorietta. Everybody was scared and running to the exits. I thought it was a fire, and Peter heard it was a bomb so we starting running out like everyone else. There was also commotion near the MRT area and in SM. They closed the MRT station so we had to take a bus back to my place. It's a good thing traffic was very light.

When we got home we shnuggled for an hour or so then Peter had to go home to Manila. Later we both found out that a bus blew up in the Ayala Center area. =( That was what all the commotion was about. It was scary when we were running out of Glorietta. For a second I thought we might die. I was okay with dying, but I was worried about JP and Brian becuae they didn't know I was out that night. They didn't know where I was. I also found out that there were simultaneous bombs set off in Davao City and General Santos City that night. =(

My dad says that it was probably the military who arranged for the bombs. (Supposedly) They are doing that to pave the way for a coup d'etat or so they can ask for more funds from the government. =(

Monday, February 14, 2005

It's Valentine's Day! =)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! =) I have so much I want to write about, like about watching the Phantom of the Opera movie (maybe I'm just too impatient for movies like that, I'll just watch the play instead) and watching Alfie (it made me think about personal issues), but I have so many things to do for work. I feel guilty writing this right now. I really should be checking my students proposal paper drafts. I haven't checked any yet! =( But I will finish by this Friday or next Monday!

There was a bouquet of flowers waiting for me when I got back to the department after my morning classes. =) Hihihi. I was surprised and very touched. Thank you Peter! =) I love Peter! Have a good Valentine's Day everyone! =)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

It's weird...

It's weird, most of the people in SO4 thought I was orange. I guess it's because I tease them a lot and I (try to) make a lot of jokes during class. A lot of people thought I was gold. Huh? Does that mean they think I'm strict or just really responsible? Only a few people guessed right about me being blue. I guess I'm not that transparent. I noticed that those students are blue themselves. Blue people know other blue people. =) That makes me feel good. Nobody thought I was green! Should I be insulted by that?

I have a very blue personality

I asked SO2 to guess what my personality color is. Two students thought I was orange. I have to say I'm flattered. =) Orange people are usually energetic. =) One person thought I was gold. I wasn't insulted. I going to take it that she finds me responsible, which is a good thing of course if you are a teacher! I think three people thought I was green, so they think I'm cerebral. Hehehe. But an overwhelming majority of the class see me as a blue person. And I am! I guess I really am very transparent. =) A lot of my students in that class are blue too. I guess that's why I love them so much. I love all my students this sem! I want the whole world to know. =)

I wonder what the dominant personality color of SO4 is. I wonder if they see me as a blue person too. =) I 'll find out later. Did I already mention that I love my students? Well I do. =) Nobody is "just a student." I think that if a teacher starts seeing students as "just my students," that's the time to quit the teaching profession.

I'm watching The Phantom of the Opera with Dad and Brian later. And tomorrow I'm watching Assault on Precinct (spelling?) 13 with Peter. =)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tarie's List of Favorite Things! =)

*JP and Brian are my younger brothers, CY and Isaac are my best friends, Tina is JP's girlfriend, and Pastor Butch is my pastor.

books (especially fantasy literature and children's literature/young adult literature, and most especially books by or about C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and their works)







girl talk with Tina

Tina loving me and accepting me for who I am

(watching) movies


Gilmore Girls


intellectual intercourse (amazing conversations)

spending time with CY and/or Isaac
(eating in Chocolate Kiss or coffee and conversations with CY and/or Isaac)

spending time with JP and/or Brian
(playing video games with Brian; support/encouraging words from JP; sharing secrets with JP; JP or Brian waking me up by kissing me, hugging me, talking to me, or rubbing my back)

snuggling (shnuggling)

getting to know smart, intelligent, interesting, and mature students

good class discussions (whether I'm part of them or just facilitating them)

listening to music (especially hip hop and R&B)

watching MTV (especially TRL)

students who keep in touch =)

Pastor Butch shouting/giving a fiery sermon

My very first blog

Testing one, two, three... This is my first time to do this (obviously). I don't know what to do/say (yet). Which is funny because I usually have so much to say/share. =)