Monday, March 27, 2006

Summer Plans...

The semester is almost over for me. I just have to check my students' final papers and compute then submit their final grades. My blog is more than a year old now and I feel like deleting it. I feel like I don't want to keep this blog anymore. Maybe I should start a new blogspot. Maybe I should just maintain a blog on my myspace account. Or maybe I shouldn't keep a blog at all anymore. I don't know. I'm not sure why I don't feel like using this blogspot anymore. Maybe it's because I feel like not enough people read this blog. I still want to express myself but I feel like this blog doesn't generate the "conversations" that I want it to. I was hoping to "talk" to people through this blog but I feel like that's not happening because I never get any feedback. =(

Anyway, I'm excited about summer. =) I have so many plans for this summer. I have lots of work with the Ateneo Language Learning Center this summer (money!). I want to go to Baguio City this summer. I want to spend lots of time with my friends. I want to go to the beach. I want to watch lots of movies. I want to go shopping. I want to catch up on my reading. My summer reading list so far consists of: Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins (the 2006 Newbery Medal winner - it's about the summer of a group of friends) and The Penderwicks : A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy by Jeanne Birdsall. Nothing like reading about summer "escapades" during the summer. =) I'm almost halfway through Criss Cross and it's very good. =) Artist/writer Lynne Rae Perkins is very creative. =) For example, there is a chapter in Criss Cross entitled "The Japanese Chapter." In that chapter, the story is narrated mostly through haikus!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Crash is officially the best movie of 2005

Yay! Crash won the Best Picture Oscar. =) I thought Brokeback Mountain was going to win because it IS a beautiful and well-made movie AND very popular with critics (and viewers?). I am happy that Crash won. I personally think Crash is the best movie of 2005. It is definitely the deepest, the most profound, the most thought-provoking movie of 2005. I watched it and I was just BLOWN AWAY. Right after watching Crash last year I wanted to discuss it, analyze it, make my students watch it, and I even wanted to write a paper about it!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Reading List

I've finished reading book one of the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. It's good. Solidly good. It's not epic like the Inheritance Trilogy (or The Lord of the Rings - but it's not fair to compare ANYTHING to LOTR, because LOTR is hands down THE BEST of fantasy literature). It's not as endearing or as charming or as close to my heart as The Chronicles of Narnia. But it is solidly good. It is a clever and ADDICTING fantasy book. (I'm not sure if I we can really call it children's fantasy because most children will not be able to recognize the different historical, cultural, and literary references and allusions in the book that are part of what make the book an INTELLIGENT book.) It's a truly UNIQUE fantasy book, but you'll have to read it to know why I say that. =) Frankly, the explanation would be too long for my blog. I could write a PAPER on what makes the Bartimaeus trilogy a unique fantasy trilogy!

It's one of those books that you immediately reach for when you wake up or when you get home or before you go to sleep. I would often think about it when I was out. You know, like I am out with my girl friends CY and Corinne and we are having coffee, talking, and having fun but in the back of my mind I am thinking, "I want to go home and read the Bartimaeus trilogy." =)

I am now re-reading Holes by Louis Sachar because I am discussing it with my Lit 13 students. [I finally bought my own copy, I usually just borrow a copy from my friends. Thank you for introducing the book to me Isaac! =)] AWESOME book written by an AWESOME author (Sachar also wrote the very funny Wayside School series). It's a Newbery Medal winner (I forgot what year) - read it! =)

I just bought book two of the Bartimaeus trilogy: The Golem's Eye. [Hello again to Nathaniel, Bartimaeus, and Kitty! =)] I also just bought the 2006 Newbery Medal winner Criss Cross by Lynn Rae Perkins. (What a dirty, dirty tactic of Fully Booked to sell only hardbound copies of Criss Cross when the paperback edition has been available in the US for some time now... A dirty tactic that works, apparently. I still bought it, didn't I? So now there is only one copy left in Fully Booked Greenhills.)

I want to buy and read all those charming books by Kate DiCamillo! [At least I already have my own copy of Because of Winn-Dixie. =)]

I also bought/am reading the monster March issue of Vogue (US) magazine. It's their annual "power players"/"movers and shakers" issue. The beautiful, intelligent, and ethereal Natalie Portman is on the cover! =) (I'm addicted to fashion magazines, by the way.)